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Working with spaces

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Spaces and Comps

Spaces are physical spaces within a property. They can be occupied or vacant, and can change hands multiple times throughout the Property's history.

Leases or Locations (Comps) are events that relate Tenants (Companies and Contacts) to Spaces within Properties. They have certain characteristics like Expiration Dates, Rental Rates and other lease terms.

These two objects will interact together to show historically what has taken place in specific Spaces and Properties, and also to show the current makeup of a Properties Stacking Plan.

As a result, these two objects will work together and can be accessed either through a Property or a Landlord Representation Listing.

Through a Landlord Representation Listing

  1. From the Property, create a new Landlord Representation listing by hovering over the Listing related list hover tab and clicking New Listing. Or by scrolling down to the bottom of the Property page and clicking New Listing.
  1. Select the Listing Record Type of Landlord Representation.
  1. Enter the relevant information and select Save. You will then see any Spaces that related to the Property, also relate to the Landlord Representation Listing.
  1. Open the Space by clicking on the Space Name (For Example: A-00011) and use the Convert Comp button to convert the Space to a Comp.

(Notice that the Space is currently marked as available, showing no current lease information).

  1. Once Convert Comp is clicked the Comp creation screen will appear with certain information pre-populated. Enter the additional Lease information such as the occupying Tenant, their rental rate, and lease expiration date.
  1. Once saved, certain information such as Current Tenant (Company), Rental Rate, Rental Rate Type, Lease Type and Lease Expiration Date will be pulled back onto the Space. The Available field will also change to False.
  1. This information will now display back onto a Property and Landlord Representation listing displaying the current accurate inventory available in the Property, while still tracking historic occupancy information on each Space.



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