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Using contact group reports

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In order to allow easy reporting on the groups assigned to contacts Apto has added a multi-select field to store the first 100 groups associated to the contact.  Due to a limit in SalesForce only 100 entries are allowed in this field.

To work around this, reports can be built around the Group Member object pulling fields from their parent Contact and Group records.  Group Member objects are the underlying link between Contacts and Groups allowing a many to many relationship between the two objects.  Follow the instructions below to create reports based on the Group Member object.

Follow the steps below to create a contact group report
  1. Click the plus sign and then click on Reports to go to the “Reports” tab

  2. Click the “New Report…” button

  3. Click into the “Quick Find” text input

  4. Enter “Group Member”

  5. Select the “Contacts with Group Members and Contact Groups” report type

From here you can create reports with all the available Contact groups.



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