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Navigating Tabs & Pages

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Apto is made up of tabs and pages. Standard objects such as Companies, Contacts, Properties and Listing along with other features such as Chatter typically have tabs, and from a tab, you navigate through pages to interact with the features you’re using. For example, if you want to create a company record, you’ll click the Company Tab, and on the Company Home page, click New to open the Company Edit page where you’ll enter information for the company. Click Save, and you’ll see the companies Detail page. Return to the Company Home page and the new company is listed.

Commonly-used objects are found by clicking on their tabs, which appear at the top of your screen. Other Apto features, such as Home and Chatter, also have tabs.

To work with your data, click an object’s tab. For instance, to access property information for the properties you work with, click the Properties tab. Here you find:

  1. The name of the object and type of data you are viewing. In this case, Properties.
  2. List View options. A list view narrows your properties to a specific set (for example, you can choose to view All Properties or just Office Properties).
  3. A list of recently-accessed records. Here, Recent Properties.
  4. A New button to create new records.

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