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Understanding Apto Field Types

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Field TypeDescription
NameEach record contains a name, in some cases this name is auto-populated for you (Spaces, Commissions), in others you must enter the Name (Properties, Listings, Comps).
LookupCreates a relationship that links this object to another object. The relationship field allows users to click on a lookup icon to select a value from a popup list. The other object is the source of the values in the list. In the case of a Company or Contact you can use the New button within the lookup window to create a new record ‘on-the-fly’. Entering a value in this field will also display the record on the corresponding objects related list. For example Entering a Tenant (Contact) into a Lease Comp will cause the Lease Comp information to be displayed on that particular Contact.
Date or Date/TimeAllows users to enter a date or pick a date from a popup calendar.
CurrencyAllows users to enter a dollar or other currency amount and automatically formats the field as a currency amount. This can be useful if you export data to Excel or another spreadsheet.
NumberAllows users to enter any number. Leading zeros are removed.
PercentAllows users to enter a percentage number, for example, '10' and automatically adds the percent sign to the number.
PicklistAllows users to select a single value from a list you define.
Multi-Select PicklistAllows users to select multiple values from a list you define.
CheckboxAllows users to select a True (checked) or False (unchecked) value.
Text AreaAllows users to enter up to 255 characters on separate lines.
Long Text AreaAllows users to enter up to 32,768 characters on separate lines.
TextAllows users to enter any combination of letters and numbers.
EmailAllows users to enter an email address, which is validated to ensure proper format. If this field is specified for a contact or lead, users can choose the address when clicking Send an Email. Note that custom email addresses cannot be used for mass emails.
PhoneAllows users to enter any phone number. Automatically formats it as a phone number.
URLAllows users to enter any valid website address. When users click on the field, the URL will open in a separate browser window.
AddressA compound data type that contains address field data (Street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country).
FormulaA read-only field that derives its value from a formula expression you define. The formula field is updated when any of the source fields change.
Geolocation(Beta) Allows users to define locations.
Roll-Up SummaryA read-only field that displays the sum, minimum, or maximum value of a field in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list where the related object is Master-detail to the child object



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