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Testing Email Deliverability

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Apto sends email from 52 different IP addresses. If your organization blocks any of these IP addresses, users might not receive all email sent from Apto.

To verify your organization can receive email from every Apto IP address:

  1. From Setup, click Email Administration | Test Deliverability.
  2. Enter your business email address.
  3. Click Send. Apto simultaneously sends a test message from all 52 IP addresses to your business email address. Each test message specifies the IP address from which it was sent.
  4. Check your business email account to make sure it received all 52 test messages.

If you received less than 52 test messages, your organization's email administrator must whitelist the Apto IP ranges on your organization's email server. Whitelisting an IP address allows the email server to receive email from an IP address that might otherwise be blocked. The Apto IP ranges are:

  • to
  • to
  • to
  • to
  • to

Apto maintains separate IP addresses for inbound and outbound email. The IP addresses used for outbound email don't accept inbound email connections

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