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Stacking Plan

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Stacking Plans were created as a way to easily reference and track interior spaces inside of properties. These interactive plans can be set up and customized by users to display values such as the available size of the spaces, the current availability, time remaining on those leased, and much more.

Adding Spaces To The Stacking Plan

When a Property is first created, it does not have any spaces created inside of it and the Stacking Plan will not have any results to display.

Empty Stacking Plan .jpg


In order to take full advantage of the Stacking Plan we need to create these spaces and fill in the details to have a complete picture of Property.


Scroll down to the Spaces section and click “New Space”.

Add Space.jpg


Add Space Details

 When creating a Space try to include as many details as possible, as the Stacking Plan will incorporate the Space Details section and display the information in the following order by default. This order and fields can be changed from settings. Check the changing the fieldset section.
  1. Floor

  2. Suite/Floor #

  3. Available Square Footage

  4. Rental Rate

  5. Rental Rate Type

  6. Lease Type

 After you are finished entering your Space details click “Save” or “Save & New” if you wish to add multiple Spaces. It’s important to note that each Space must be created separately. Once all the Spaces have been created you should have a Stacking Plan that displays all your Spaces in each floor.

Space Details .jpg

Fill Out Availability Details on Spaces

With the Spaces now displaying in the Stacking Plan, Users can now edit the Space information by clicking on a Space in the Stacking Plan itself.

Available Spaces.jpg

  In order for the Stacking Plan to display that a space is leased and the length remaining on it’s term the following fields must be filled:
  1. Lease Expiration

  2. Available?

  3. Status

  4. Date Available

 Once these fields have been filled out click Save.

Lease Details .jpg

The Spaces will now display in the corresponding color for the length of remaining lease. These colors will change dynamically as lease end date approaches.

Filled Stacking Plan.jpg


Rolling over the Space in the Stacking Plan will also show additional details

Roll Over Details .jpg




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