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Setting up Real Capital Markets Phase picklist in Apto Marketing object

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 This article is for users with System Administrator profiles or a profile with Customize Application permissions. 

Who should update the marketing status list?

You are setting up the integration parameters for syncing the listings from Apto to projects in Real Capital Markets and you want the status of the marketing activities in Real Capital Markets to match the status of the marketing records in Apto. Follow the steps below to update the marketing picklist.

If you are on Apto version greater than 3.330, you org might already have this list updated. 


Updating Marketing phase picklist

  1. Go to Settings | Customize | Activities | Activity Custom Fields

  2. Click on Marketing Phase

    User-added image
  3. In the marketing phase page, click New

    User-added image
  4. Cross check with the list below and add the items that are missed
    1. Viewed Executive Summary
    2. Entered Virtual Deal Room
    3. Viewed Agreement
    4. Executed Agreement
    5. Uploaded Agreement
    6. Viewed Auction Page
    7. Viewed Offers
    8. Viewed Buyer Qualifications Page
    9. Approved
    10. Unapproved
    11. Unsubscribed
    12. Declined
    13. Auction Approved
    14. Auction Unapproved
  5. Once you added all the items, make sure to reorder the list to match the list above. Use Reorder button to update the order.
  6. Once all the items are added in proper order , click Save



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