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Setting Listing Search Results Fields

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Setting Listing Search Results Fields

We saw how to change the filters, now after the search is done, the results display name of the listing, asking price/rental rate, address and Sq Ft by default. The fields in the results are configurable as well.

Follow the instructions below to change the order and fields shown in the search results.

  1. Go to Setup | Develop | Custom Settings

  2. Select Listing Search Sale Result Fields

  1. Click Manage

  2. If your view does not include all the columns shown in the image below, click edit or create new view to add the columns to the list view.

  1. Order number specifies the order in which the result fields are displayed and Selected checkbox sets whether the field is visible in the search results. To show/hide a field or to change the order of the field, click edit next to corresponding field.



Add a new field to the results

Note: Even Though there is no limitation to the number of fields that can be added to the results, we recommend adding not more than five.

Follow the steps to get the Field API Name and Object Name

  1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects

  2. Click on Listing

  3. Copy the object name and paste it in a notepad

  1. Scroll down to custom fields and relationships section. Find the field you want to add and copy the API Name

Now we have both the field API name and the Object API name. Now go back to Setup | Develop | Custom Settings | Listing Search Sale Results

  1. Click New

  1. Fill in all the fields

    1. Name - Append “Listing” to the name for easy identification

    2. Field API Name - The API name step 4 of the previous section. Note that you need to remove the “McLabs__” from the API name.

    3. Field Label - How the field is described in the filter

    4. Field Type - Type String for any non number and percent field. Type Number for all other fields

    5. Object Name - Object API name from step 3 of the prior section.No need to remove the McLabs__ here.

    6. Provide an order number. Here I provided 9 as there are already 8 fields. I will later rearrange by changing the order numbers.

    7. Check the Selected box.

    8. Click Save.


Now we added CAP rate to the results as well.

Follow similar steps to set up the lease search results. For lease, use Listing Search Lease Result field



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