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Run and Modify Reports

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To run a report, find it on the Reports tab and click the report name. Most reports run automatically when you click the name. If you're already viewing a report, click Run Report to run it immediately or schedule a future run.

  1. Click into the Report Tab
    • If you do not see the reports tab click the + button to navigate to the All Tabs menu and click Reports.
  1. Click on the Report Name
    • If you do not see the report name use the Search Bar or the Folders to locate the report.
  1. The Report Option across the top allow a user to quickly modify some of the reports parameters
    • Summarize information by - Select a field to summarize the report by
    • Show - Manipulate the records displayed based on ownership of the records
    • Time Frame - Select a specific date field and modify the time frame of the records displayed
  2. Once the Report Options have been modified select Run Report to refresh
    • If the next to Run Report is selected you have the ability to schedule future runs to have the report automatically emailed to internal users at specific times.
  3. Select Customize to change the report format and filters
  4. Select Save As to save the report as a different name or in a new location
  5. Select Printable View to export to excel with the formatting retained
  6. Select Export Details to export to xls or csv format

If you don't see any results, check the report for one of these conditions:

  • The report didn't return any data. Check your filter criteria to make sure some data is returned.
  • Due to field-level security, you don't have access to one of the groupings you selected.
  • Your custom summary formula's context didn't match the chart settings. For example, if the formula is calculated for Industry, but the chart doesn't include Industry, no results are returned.
  • Your values are out of the range of acceptable values. The maximum value allowed is 999999999999999. The minimum value allowed is -99999999999999.

If your report returns more than 2,000 records, only the first 2,000 records are displayed. To see a complete view of your report results, click Export Details.

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