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Real Capital Markets Integration Overview

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SummaryA brief overview of the integration between Apto and Real Capital Markets.

About the Integration

Real Capital Markets (RCM) believes that greater qualified exposure through technology and appropriate transparency of commercial real estate investment opportunities results in more efficient results. RCM has become the leading commercial real estate auction platform for both property and note sales. Transaction professionals can now market, manage and track assets throughout the entire real estate lifecycle with increased speed, efficiency, transparency and security.

The RCM integration allows Apto users to push Listings to RCM using the Publish button on a Listing. RCM can then be used to market the listing and track potential buyers. Contacts and marketing history will be synced back to Apto on a daily basis allowing you to see the full history on the published Listing.
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What do I need to use the integration?

The RCM sales team can explain the process for acquiring the API keys to enable the integration. You'll need to have an Apto user with System Administrator profile or similar admin permissions enable the integration.

RCM Sales
Phone: 760-602-5080  

For more info: Real Capital Markets Integration Setup

What information is synced?

  1. Fields from the Listing and related Property are sent from Apto to Real Capital Markets in order to create a project with the property info.
  2. ​When the Listing is synced in the future, any buyer activity in Real Capital Markets is downloaded along with the related buyer information as long as the contact info was provided by the client. Buyers provided by Real Capital Markets cannot be synced.
    1. If enabled, the RCM integration will create new contacts for any contacts that do not have an email address.

What do I do if I get stuck?

If you have any issues with the integration, we're happy to help.
  1. If you are getting an error while trying to sync a listing or received an error report from the daily sync, please review the error message. Most errors can be resolved by fixing information on the Listing or in the Settings page.
  2. If you're having trouble with any of our instructions or can't resolve an error, please contact Apto Support.

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