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Prospect & Nurture: How to View, Edit & Create Records

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SummaryThis article explains how to view, edit & create tasks, properties, companies and contacts within Prospect & Nurture.

Within Prospect & Nurture you can review and create records for Tasks, Properties, Contacts, and Companies. You can navigate to these within Prospect & Nurture via the blue navigation bar across the top of the Prospect & Nurture page.

Here's the navigation bar:

Each one of these tabs links to a page (or object) where you can review existing records of each type and create new ones. 


In the example above, I have clicked on the Tasks link and I am now viewing the Tasks page (or object). Let’s take a closer look at some of the numbered sections outlined above. 

  1. Here, you can search for a specific record, or range of records, via the available filters. Each page will have a slightly different set of filters relevant to that object. For example, among other things, Tasks will allow you to filter by due date, Properties will allow you to filter by zip code, Contacts will allow you to filter by contact type, and Companies will allow you to filter by industry. You can get back to the full set of records at any time by clicking ‘Reset Filters’ at the lower right of this section.  

  1. Here, every page will display a general filter. In the case of tasks, you can switch between Open and Completed tasks; on the other pages you can switch between recently-viewed records and all the records that can be shown. The filter from section 1 will work in combination with this general filter.

  1. Here is the list of records (the most important part of these pages). This will automatically update as filters are updated, showing the records you are interested in at any given time. From here, you can also click a record to open it and view more information. You can even edit the information once it has been opened.


  1. This area provides some statistics related to the current list of records being shown. Above, on the tasks page, you will be told how many open tasks you have. When you have overdue tasks, a count will show up here as well. While on the properties page you will receive a breakdown of the percentages of the property types within the list.



  1. By clicking on the ‘Add Task’ link, found here, you can create a new record for the page you are currently viewing. These will open in a center screen callout box that can be filled out and closed without ever leaving the page you are currently viewing.







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