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Prospect & Nurture: Creating Call Lists in Apto Maps

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SummaryThis article is designed to assist you in creating dynamic call lists using Apto Maps.


  • Users must have an Apto minimum version of 5.6.x or newer
  • Users must have an active Apto account
  • Users must have property data
  • Mapping must be enabled


Developing a call list

After you’ve used Apto Maps to create a location based list of properties, you can quickly and easily drop them into a list to begin engaging the owners or managers. Here’s how:

1. a) After you have set your filter criteria in Apto Maps, click on the radial checkbox individual properties in the result list on the left side of your screen,
b) Check the radial checkbox for all properties in the result list.

2. Click the “ADD TO LIST” button to begin composing your new call list.

3. Select the contact types you want to add to your new list (you have 3 options here: Owner, Former Owner. and Asset Manager).

4. Click “ADD TO LIST”.

5. A window will appear where you will have the option to:
a) Add these contacts to an existing call list
b) “BUILD A NEW LIST”. In this example, we will use option B. 

6. A new window will display.
a. It will ask you to give your new list a name, a description and a cadence length. We will use a 45 day cadence for this example, and call our list “New Call List”.
b. You will see how many contacts are being added to this list in the top right corner of the window.
c. You will see a brief description of the contacts at the bottom of the window, while also having a chance to add or remove any other contacts from your database to this new list.
d. Once your list is complete, click Save.





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