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Prospect & Nurture: Apto Maps - Getting Started

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What is Apto Maps?

  • Apto Maps is a feature that displays your properties on an interactive map within the product Apto Prospect & Nurture.
  • You can access Apto Maps at
  • OR, click the “Properties” tab within Prospect & Nurture.



Why Apto Maps?

  • Gain deeper insights into your market by visualizing your data—properties, listings, and comps—on a map
  • Turn location-driven observations into action with smarter call lists
  • Prospect better with visual tools to analyze and act on market data


Minimum Requirements:

  • Apto version 5.60 or greater
  • Apto Admin User installed and active
  • Remote Site is Enabled (see instructions below)
  • Enable Apto Integrations (see instructions below)


Check if Remote Site is Enabled:

1. Login to Apto as a System Administrator.
2. Navigate to: Setup | Security | Remote Site Settings.
3. Click “Edit” next to “Apto_Mapping_Api_Production”.



4. Make sure that the Remote Site is marked “Active”.



Enable Apto Integrations:

Complete the steps in this document to enable Apto Integrations.


Syncing Properties:

  1. Login to P&N:
  2. Navigate to: or just click on the “Properties” tab.
  3. The Properties will automatically sync from your Apto data (this can take a few hours, depending on how much data you have). The auto sync geo-enables properties so they can be used in the map. Additionally, every subsequent property added will geo-enabled on the fly.




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