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Table of Contents

Intro into Properties

Properties allows your organization to create and track Properties or Buildings. Each Property stores information such as Name, Address, Square Footage, Units, Type andother information. For each Property, you can store related information such as Owners, Spaces, Listings, Sale and Lease Comps, Activities, and Notes.

The property tab displays a homepage that lets you quickly create and locate all types of Properties, and also sort and filter your properties using standard and custom list views. In addition, this tab lets you view and edit detailed information on each Property to which you have access.

The Properties Home Page

  1. Clicking on the Properties tab displays the Property home page.
  2. A new Property record can be created by clicking the New button.
  3. Using views allows users to sort, search and find different types of Properties
  4. Recently viewed Properties will automatically be displayed on the Property Homescreen.

Creating a New Property

To create a new Property:
  1. From the Property home page click the New button.
    1. Select the appropriate Record Type
      1. Healthcare
      2. Hospitality
      3. Industrial
      4. Land
      5. Mixed-Use
      6. Multifamily
      7. Office
      8. Portfolio
      9. Retail
      10. Self-Storage
      11. Specialty
  2. Fill in the Appropriate Fields


  • Property Address, City, State and Zip/Postal Code must all have values in order for the Map to display.
  1. Make sure to click Save

Visualforce Components

Stacking Chart - Allows users to visually display Space information in a Stacking Chart.

Property Photos - Allows users to attach photo’s of the property and scroll through them in the photo carousel.

Maps - Allows users to automatically generate interactive Maps based on the properties location.

On any given Company there will be certain types of information that are going to be important to track. The following is a list of some of the key Related Lists on the Company Object.

  • Activity Histories - Allows users to track calls, meetings and other tasks and events that relate to the contact
  • Open Activities - Allows users to track tasks and events that have not been completed in relation to the contact
  • Sale Comps- Comps where the Property is referenced in the “Property Sold” field
  • Lease Comps - Comps where the Property is referenced in the “Property Leased” field
  • Unit Mix - The Unit Mix of the property. It allows a user to track the make-up of different units in the property
  • Spaces - A Space is a section of a Property, such as an office suite or retail space.
  • Ownership - Ownership records where a Property is referenced in the ownership record.
  • Proposals - Proposals where the Property is in the “Property” field
  • Listings - Listings where the Property is in the “Property” field

Linking an Owner to the Property

To link owners to a Property click New Ownership in the ownership related list.

Lookup the contact that owns the Property and designate whether the owner is the Primary Contact for the Property.




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