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Process Builder to fill Comp/Closed Deal Fields

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  1. Go to Setup and using the quick find on the top left, search for “Process Builder”

  2. Click New

  3. Enter a Name and Description. Here’s what we recommend:

  4. Click on Add Object and set it up to use the Comp object (or Closed Deal in some orgs)

  5. Click on Add Criteria, and enter the following information

    1. Criteria Name - this is up to you, but we’re checking to see if the Listing or Assignment record type is your custom record type.

    2. Field - select the Name field from the Listing/Assignment Record Type. Note: don’t choose “Name”, make sure to choose the “Record Type Name” field.

    3. Value - Type in the Name that you entered when creating the Custom Record Type (Note: we use Name instead of Label, this is the one with the underscores usually. Make sure to add a __c to the end since it’s a custom record type)

    4. Click Save

  6. Under Immediate Actions, click on Add Action and enter the default values for any fields you want to fill in. In this example we are filling in the property lookup field.

    1. Choose Update Records under Action Type

    2. Name the action whatever you want

    3. Click on the Sale__c object to choose the object that is firing the process to be updated.

    4. Set the target field to where you want to send the values, here we choose Property Sold or Property leased depending on whether the new custom record type represents a lease deal or a sale deal.

    5. Choose the Listing > McLabs2__Property__c for the value to copy.

      1. Click on the value to change the input type

    6. Click Save

  7. Repeat for any other record types that you want to use by clicking Add Criteria again.

  8. When done, click Activate.


That’s it! Now you can go test your process builder by converting a listing or assignment!



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