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Preparing your contacts for import

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SummaryImport using Apex data loader
Previous: Import Accounts using Apex Data Loader

In the previous article, we explained how to import Companies/Accounts. We are going to use the success file from the Company import to relate the Companies to the list of contacts that we are about to import. Follow the steps below to associate the companies and contacts in the csv file.
  1. On your contact CSV file create a column called ACCOUNT ID.

  2. Next open your success file in a separate window and move the Company Name column in front of the ID column.

  3. Go back to the contact CSV file. In the column ACCOUNT ID start the following formula. =VLOOKUP(<COMPANY NAME COLUMN>, <COMPANY NAME & ID FROM SUCCESS FILE>,<COLUMN THAT THE ID IS. THIS IS USUALLY 2>, false)

  4. Once this is complete you will copy this formula down by double clicking on the bottom right corner of the cell. This will now have all of the Account ID’s of the Companies.

  5. Open the Apex Data Loader and select Insert. This will prompt the program to have you log into Apto. Once you have logged into Apto it will give you a list of Objects. Select Contacts from the list.

  6. Select your mapping. This will give you the list of fields in Apto that you can map to your CSV columns. Once you have selected your mapping save it to the Mapping folder we created earlier.

  7. Select next it will ask where to save our success and error files. Put this in the folder we created earlier. Once this has completed we have successfully uploaded our Contacts.



Details on Excel: VLOOKUP



For more information on VLOOKUP in Excel visit Microsoft help.

Once you have the contact excel ready, use the data loader again to upload the contact file. Congrats! You have successfully imported contacts and companies to Apto.



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