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Pre-made Reports in Apto (Lightning)

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SummaryApto has a variety of reports pre-built in the system that allow the user to visualize their data. You can generate and use these reports on a daily basis. 

Accessing Pre-Made Reports in Apto

To access Apto’s out-of-the-box reports, follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, click the grid symbol () located at the top left corner of your screen to access the App Launcher.
  2. Select “Reports” (object tabs are arranged in alphabetical order).
  3. On the left-hand side menu, select “All Folders”.

Here’s how to access report folders:

Here’s how to select and view a prebuilt Apto report:

Available Report Folders

Below is a snapshot of the most commonly used reports in each report folder. There are more available, so be sure to take a longer look around to familiarize yourself. As a note, all reports are customizable at the system administrator level and at the broker level, if the system administrator places the report in one of the following publicly available report folders.


  • Listings Report -- A report that displays listings over a period of time, their status and listing details.
  • Marketing Update Report -- What is my marketing activity on all listings? Use to drill down to specific listings or specific marketing phases.

Back Office Reports

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
    • Receivable by Broker
    • Receivable by Company
    • Receivable by Week
    • Payable by Broker (Commissions Payable)
    • Broker Net on Amount Received
  • Invoices -- Paid QTD/YTD, Outstanding
  • Other
  • Estimated vs Actual Brokerage Net

Business Planning - Team

  • Calls by Broker
  • Commissions by Pipeline Stage
  • My Team's Pipeline -- by Broker and by Stage
  • My Team’s Closed Deals

Company Commission Accounting

  • Various Commission Reports -- Processed, Collected, by Type


  • Comp Analysis -- Cap rates, cash on cash, occupancy rates, etc.
  • Lease Comps -- Lease expirations by date range
  • Sales by Broker -- by calendar year (current and previous), by quarter

Database Administration 

  • # of (Insert Object) -- Properties, Companies, Contacts, Listings etc

My Commission Reports

  • My Commissions Due
  • My Commissions Not Processed
  • My Effective Splits -- Payments with broker gross production and splits
  • My Gross Production YTD -- Sum of amounts from payment vouchers related to the commission received YTD


  • Call Metric Reports -- Call volumes
  • Proposals -- Delivered, by broker, by status, by month, by week
  • Listings with Offers


  • Pending Projects -- Projects (In Contract records) with incomplete milestones


  • Properties Without -- Address, City, Square Footage, State, Etc.





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