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Pipeline Conversion Settings

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Pipeline conversion settings allow users to map the record types among the pipeline objects throughout the conversion from proposal to comp. Get to the pipeline conversion settings page by following these steps.

  1. Click the plus sign at the end of the tabs and select Settings tab.

  2. Click on Pipeline Conversion from the setting home page or from the navigation panel on the left

  3. This page is setup into four sections. Click Edit to change any of these settings.

    1. Proposal Conversion settings allow you to customize the record type of the listing that is created upon hitting convert button on a proposal. You can also control how the related spaces are treated. If you are a landlord rep and you want all the available spaces to be attached to the listing when you win a proposal to represent the landlord, you can set it up with the second set of controls.

    2. Listing Conversion settings allow you to skip the project/escrow phase in the pipeline. For example, if you are a tenant rep, you may not be working with projects or if you track project/escrows in a different tool, this setting helps you skip the project stage and go to comp directly. You select the object(Project or Comp) you want to convert your listings into upon getting the contract and also select the record type of either project or comp.

    3. Space is a subset of a property and in the space detailed view, there are two buttons to either convert it to a project or directly to a comp. You can customize the record type of the created project or comp from the space conversion section of the pipeline setting page.

    4. Project Conversion allows you to customize the mapping of record types between a project and a comp.

  4. Click Save to complete the pipeline settings.



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