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Pay Net Commission

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We made it easy to update the net commission paid to the agents. The net commission payment can be logged either while logging a payment by clicking Log Payment & Pay Commissions button in the “Log a Payment” wizard or by directly clicking Pay Commissions button in the comp detailed view.

  1. Go to the detailed view of the comp record and click on “Pay Commissions” button.

  1. This page lists one section for each participating agent. Any agent level holdbacks created during the course of the pipeline will be displayed here and you can enter the amount that need to be withheld. You can also create a new holdback in this page.

  2. Agent receives an email when a part or complete net commission is paid as shown below.

  1. Comp - Name of the comp record for which the invoice was generated

  2. Invoice Total - Total invoice due amount

  3. Payment Received on the invoice - Payment amount received for the invoice to date

  4. Agent Gross Commission for the Invoice - Total amount received on the invoice minus holdbacks

  5. Payment Allocated to Agent - Total of all the received payments allocated towards the agent’s gross commission till date

  6. Split Crossed - has the commission tiers crossed with this payment

  7. Effective Split (%) - What is the split applied to calculate the net commission

  8. Net Commission for this Invoice - Net commission for the invoice

  9. Net Commission Paid - Total amount paid to the agent to date (that is related to the comp mentioned)



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