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Over the Term Invoices

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There are instances where the commission is collected as the rent comes due. These over the term invoices are billed monthly, and it takes time to create these invoices manually every month for the term of the lease. We automated this process so you can set up the invoice details at the time the deal is booked, and the system will automatically generate monthly invoices.

Setting up Over the Term invoices

Over the term invoices can be setup using the book lease wizard. It can also be set up directly from comp detailed view. We recommend you use the book deal wizard to avoid configuration errors.

  1. Click on the Book Lease button from comp detailed view to launch the Book Deal Wizard.

Note: Book Deal wizard is covered in the different help article

  1. Progress to step 6 and select “Over the Term” as Invoice Type and fill in the following fields

    1. Billing Cycle End (Day of the Month) - Enter the last day of the billing cycle. It can be any day of the month. If your end of billing cycle is the last day of the month, select Last

    2. Next Invoice Date - Date on which you want the invoice to be generated. If the invoice date is set to today, the first invoice will be generated immediately.

Note: This date is not the due date. Due date will be auto calculated based on the payment information and can be edited manually if need through the invoice detailed view.

Note: Once the invoice is generated, the next invoice date is updated with a future date one month out from previous value. For Example: If Next Invoice date = 9/17/2014, the invoice is generated at 2AM on 9/17/2014 and the field is changed to 10/17/2014

  1. Invoice Creation Action - Provide an action upon creating the invoice on invoice date

    1. --None-- - Do Nothing

    2. Email to Recipient - Send the invoice to the recipient directly

    3. Send Notification to User - Sends the invoice as an attachment to a selected user

  2. Invoice Notification User - This field is used only when the Invoice Creation Action is set to Send Notification to User. Select the finance user from the Apto org to receive the notifications.

Lease Invoice OTC.jpg

  1. Once the deal is booked, an invoice is created every month on the day specified in the next invoice date. The invoice pdf for the current period includes line items from all previous invoices that are not paid in full.


Edit Over the Term Invoice fields

Once set up, Over the term invoices fields can be edited by reopening the book deal wizard or from the comp detailed view. The fields and how it impacts the rest of the invoices are explained below

  1. Billing Cycle End - Changing the billing cycle end would make the next invoice to have more than or less than 30 days. For example: If the previous billing cycle end was 25th and an invoice is generated for 26th of previous month to 25th of current month, changing the end date to last day of the month would generate the next invoice for the the duration between 26th of current month to last date of next month.

  2. Next Invoice Date - This date can be changed if you want to generate the next invoice early or later than planned.

  3. Invoice Creation Action - Changes to action will apply to all the invoices created after the change.


OTC Edit 1.jpg

OTC Fields.jpg

Preview the generated Invoices

  1. The invoices generated are listed in the related list of the comp and Invoices list view. To preview an invoice before sending it to your customer, click the invoice link from comp.


  1. Click the Preview button see the preview of the generated pdf file



Sample email to Recipient

Activity Logged under invoice

Sample email to User


Automatic invoice creation can fail due to many reasons, when the system fails to generate a monthly invoice on the invoice date, an email is sent to the comp owner explaining the reasons for failure.





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