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Organization wide Address

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If your organization requires users to share a common email alias, you can define a list of organization-wide addresses for each user profile. Organization-wide addresses define a common email address that a user profile can use. When sending email from Apto, users with these profiles can choose a different From address than the email address they have defined. Replies are delivered to the organization-wide address.

For example, assume your organization has several users under a single Support Profile. A Support Profile can be associated with an email address called and a Display Name of Acme Support. When Support Profile users send an outbound email through Apto, they can choose to have their From address appear as instead of their own Apto email address.

The highlighted sections in the following image represents the changes to the From address and Display Name that the recipient of an email might see:

After an organization-wide address is verified, it is available as a From address when sending an email or an email alert.

To display the list of defined organization-wide addresses, from Setup, click Email Administration | Organization-Wide Addresses. From this page you can:

  • Click Add to create a new organization-wide address
  • Click Edit to change any of the fields associated with the alias:
  • Display Name is the word or phrase users who receive your email will see as the sender of the email.
  • Email Address is the email address that is used when sending an outbound email.
  • Allowed Profiles lists the profiles which use the email address as an alias.
  • Status shows the current stage of verification. When you add a new organization-wide address, it must be verified as a valid email address before becoming available for use. If you have not received your verification email, click Resend to have another one sent.
  • Click Del to remove the alias.

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