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Making Sense of the Ownership Object (Lightning)

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SummaryIn Apto, you have the ability to assign owners to properties in your database. This article shows you how the ownership object works and how it also relates to contacts and company records.

On any property record in Apto, you can assign Owners, Former Owners and Managers to a property record. This can be done in 2 main ways.


Ownership assignment via deal flow

At the completion of a sale comp (Buyer Representation or Seller Representation workflows), the property record in Apto that has been sold or bought will auto-update the Ownership object situated on the related tab in the property record. The newly-updated property record will display not only that new owner’s information and role (the company that bought the property and the primary contact), but also historical owner information (i.e. former owner) of the company and/or primary contact that sold the property. (See figure 1 below)

Figure 1:


Manually Assigning Owners, Former Owners and/or Managers

You can also choose to manually assign an owner, former owner, or manager to a property record.

  1. From the Property record, click on the Related tab.
  2. In the Ownership section, click New.
  3. Enter the relevant details about your owner and click Save.

You can choose to associate a company, a contact, or both as your new owner, former owner or manager. See Figure 2 for an example.

Figure 2:


Portfolio Object on a Company or Contact 

Portfolio assignment via deal flow

The Portfolio object on a contact or company record functions in much the same way the ownership object does on properties. The portfolio object displays what ownership role a company or contact plays in relation to a property in your Apto database. When a sale comp is closed in the deal management workflow, it will automatically update the portfolio information on the contact and/or company record associated with the new ownership details of a property. See Figure 3 for an example.

Figure 3:



Manually Assigning Portfolio information

As with ownership, portfolio information can be added to a contact or company manually. See figure 4 for an example.

  1. From the Contact or Company record, click on the Related tab.
  2. In the Portfolio section, click New.
  3. Enter the relevant details about your new record and click Save.

Figure 4:




















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