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Lightning for Gmail Integration

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SummaryThis article explains how the Lightning for Gmail integration is set up, how it works and potential limitations.


Download Chrome Extension

  1. Open up your Google Chrome browser and head to
  2. In the “search the store” search bar, type “Lightning for Gmail”. Select the “Salesforce Lightning for Gmail” Extension listed at the top of the Extensions offerings menu.


3. Click on the blue “+ ADD TO CHROME” button (as seen above). You will then see this message:


4. Click “ Add Extension”.


Using the Plug-In

  1. Log into your Apto account. Then click the Setup icon  located at the top right of your screen. A new window will open for the Setup menu.
  2. On the left side of your screen, you will see a search bar for the setup menu. In this search bar search “Gmail” and click on the “Lightning for Gmail” option displayed in the setup menu.



3. Click on the switches to enable both Lightning for Gmail and Enhanced Email with Lightning for Gmail.




4. Now open your Gmail account. On the right side of your screen you will see a Salesforce cloud icon.   Click the icon to open the Lightning for Gmail email application panel.


5. Click the “Log In to Salesforce” button as displayed above. A new window should appear to enter your Apto login credentials.


6. Once you have entered your credentials and logged in, you may be asked to pair your Gmail and Salesforce (Apto) accounts. This will only happen once, so make sure that you allow the 2 applications to share information between each other. Once this is complete, your accounts are linked and you can begin using the Lightning for Gmail Integration. 


Using the Integration

Say I receive an email in my Gmail inbox from a contact that does NOT exist in my Apto account. I want to attach this email to a newly created contact and attach the email to one other related record. 


1. Click on the received email.

2. On the right side of the screen, use the Lightning for Gmail Integration to create a new contact in Apto. In this example, we are adding a contact named Devin MacDonald.


3. Fill in the contact details (fields with a red asterisk  * are mandatory).



4. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the integration panel to save the new contact in Apto.

5. To relate the email to the contact record in Apto, click the side tray icon next to “People” on the integration panel as seen below.


6. Once related you will get the following success messages displayed below.



7. Now let's say that you want to relate this same email to another record (for example, to a listing in Apto). Just search for the listing (or other record) in the integration panel’s search bar, and use the same method above to attach and associate this email to that new affiliated record. See the following images for a visual representation.






8. In order to check the success of the email association in these examples, we should now check that ..

a. Devin MacDonald was created as a contact in Apto.
b. The email is located in Devin’s contact page on the Past Activity list.
c. The email is also located on the **Dairy Block Landlord Rep listing record in the Past Activity List.


Other Features

  1. Attachments are included, and can be viewed as related items when you click into the email record in Apto.


2. When composing an email, the integration will try to match the email address to a corresponding contact record in Apto. Once you send the email, it will show as a past activity on the affiliated contact / related object records.


3. You can manually attach calendar events in Google calendar to your Apto Calendar. 

a. In Google Calendar, click on the event you want to sync to Apto Calendar. Click the Tray Icon to relate it to the contact record that is attending the event in Google Calendar.



b. In Apto, the event will display on the calendar.



Considerations & Limitations

  • Lightning for Gmail does not automatically relate emails to contact records. The manual step of adding the email to the contact and/or affiliated record is required.
  • Lightning for Gmail does not automatically sync and create contact records if they are not yet in Apto. 
  • Lightning for Gmail does not automatically sync calendar events from Apto to Google Calendar and vice versa, but it can be done manually. If you want this done automatically, set up the Lightning Sync.



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