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Managing Landlord Representation Projects - Related Records

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On any given Project there will be certain types of information that are going to be important to track. The following is a list of Related Lists on the Project Object.

Activity Histories - Allows users to track calls, meetings and other tasks and events that relate to the Project
Open Activities - Allows users to track tasks and events that have not been completed in relation to the Project
Milestone - Allows users to track different tasks that relate to a deal under contract, such as Financing Periods, Environmental Surveys, Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence Delivery. These Milestones will be displayed on a Gantt Chart for each Listing.
Parties to the Transaction - Allows users to track different parties involved in a transaction in excess of the Buyers, Sellers and Brokers, such as Attorneys, Vendors, and Title Contacts.

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