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Enabling LDCRE Integration

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SummaryThe features and functions of the integration between Apto and LDCRE, as well as how to set it up.


  1. While logged into Apto as a System Administrator, go to the App Launcher >.

  2. Under Integrations, click on LDCRE:

The LDCRE landing page will open:

  1. To enable the integration with your org, click Edit next to the LDCRE header.


Make sure the checkbox is marked off next to and click



Next, you will need to set up users on the LDCRE platform.  Please see their instructions here:


The system administrator will want to store the LDCRE username, password, and API key.  The API key can be found on the page:


Once your users are set up on the LDCRE side, you can link them in Apto.


From the LDCRE Integration landing page, click Edit next to Credentials.

Enter in the user’s name, email, LDCRE password, and API key (generated from within LDCRE.

Click .


The LDCRE landing page offers you two areas to check the health of your integration between Apto and LDCRE.

  1. In the upper right-hand corner, you can see the latest sync date, listing ID, and its result (succeeded/failed):

  1. The bottom section of the landing page is a log of the last 10 syncs with the same information:

If there is a failure, you will also see the error message:



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