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Intro to the Apto Homepage (Lightning)

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SummaryAs a broker, you’re busy. You’ve got prospects to nurture, contacts to engage, and deals to close. Depending on your sales process, you might spend your day making calls, showings listings, generating comps, negotiating deals, and chasing down signatures. You need an intelligent way to focus your efforts on the most impactful work every day, and you need that to be embedded in the primary technology you use: Apto’s Home Page provides this.

The Apto Homepage

When you first log in, you’ll likely land on Home. You can also navigate to Home by clicking on the Home tab on the navigation bar at the top.

homepage 1.png

Once you land on Home, you may see the following features. Your Apto admin can create custom Home pages that appear for different profiles, so you may see different features on your Home page.

Apto’s home page layout and most other record layouts can be divided into 4 main sections:

The Top Navigation (1)

Side Bar (2)

Main Page (3)

Utility Bar (4)

Home Page 2.png

1. Top Navigation

The Top Navigation is at the top of each Apto page and contains tabs/links for navigating to major objects.

1. Use the tabs to switch between objects. (Your admin can customize this list to suit your needs.)

2. Search to find any type of record. (See How to Search for Records, below)

3. Access user-specific customizations from the drop-down on your picture.

4. The “App Launcher” icon lists apps and additional objects available to you.

Home Page 3.png

2. Side Bar

The side bar appears on most pages and provides insight into related activities and chatter to the record you are accessing. When on the homepage, it will populate your most recent activity and chatter.

1. “Recent Records” shows links to recently viewed items.

2. “Most Recent Activity” shows your Chatter feed, which allows you to collaborate with colleagues in context within Apto, as well as recent activities (e.g. calls, tasks, events, etc.)

Home Page 4.png

3. Main Page

The main page will contain the data related to the record you are on. When on the homepage, it will provide you with the key information you need to make your day a success.

1. “Today’s Tasks” will show those that have been scheduled for today in Apto, or in your email provider (if integrated with Apto).

2. “Upcoming Events” will show your calendar of events in Apto.

3. The bottom section will show dashboards showing up-to-the-minute results from several reports. Dashboard information refreshes whenever you reload the page.

Home Page 5.png

4. Utility Bar

The utility bar appears at the bottom of most pages and contains a couple of quick actions:

1. Links to your recently viewed items.

2. Link to where you can create quick notes.

 Home PAge 6.png


How to Search for Records

Global search, at the top of each page, searches across all searchable objects within Apto.

To search:

1. Type in in the provided bar. As you type, notice the drop-down that lists My Recent Items. Always give instant results a quick peek before you continue. Chances are, your record is just one click away.

Home PAge 7.png


2. Once you’ve pressed Enter, you’re at the search results page.

3. Let’s start on the left side. By clicking an object name in the left search navigation (1), you can see results only for the selected object. Simply click Show More (2) to see the results for more objects.

4. On the right side you will see the matches to your search. Use View More (3) above the object search results and see all results for the object.

Home Page 8.png


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