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Import Accounts using Apex Data Loader

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  1. Gather all of your companies into a CSV file. This can be created by exporting from your current CRM or by using Microsoft Excel and saving as a .CSV.

  2. Open the Apex Data Loader and select Insert. This will prompt the program to have you log into Apto. Once you have logged into Apto it will give you a list of Objects. Select Company from the list.

  3. Select your mapping. This will give you the list of fields in Apto that you can map to your CSV columns. Once you have selected your mapping save it to the Mapping folder. If you do not have a mapping folder, create a folder in one of your directory for future use.

  4. Select next and it will ask where to save our success and error files. Put these in the folder we created earlier. Once this has completed we have successfully uploaded our Companies.

  5. To upload the contacts,we need to use the success file from the current upload to get the Account id. To do this we will be using the VLOOKUP function inside of Excel to get this id without having to manually enter this field into each cell. 

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