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How to get to Apto Help

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Apto has centralized its available Knowledge Articles, FAQs, and Guides in the Apto Help Tab within your Org. Users and Admins can use this resource to find documentation and step-by-step instructions for commonly sought answers.

You can get to the help page directly from the sidebar.

If the sidebar is not available, please contact your administrator to set it up. Meanwhile, you can get to the tab by following the steps below.

  1. Log into Apto and from the Home Page you will click the + on the Tabs Bar

  2. This will take you to the Tab Menu Page that shows all available Tabs. Click on Apto Help to enter the Knowledge Base area of Apto.

  1. Elements of Apto Help:

  1. Popular Articles being searched for

  2. Search within Apto Help to assist in finding what you are looking for with keywords/phrases

  3. Browse by Category

  4. Add a filter to the Browse by category area based on Feature or Role

To add Apto Help as an available Tab

  1. From the Tab Menu Page click the Customize My Tabs button on the right

  1. On the Customize Tab Page you can now add or remove any of your available Tabs by using the Add or Remove arrows. You may also sort the Tab order with the Up or Down arrows. Click Apto Help and the Add arrow. Save your changes once complete.

  1. You have now added Apto Help to your available Tabs.


Contact Support

Now you can contact support directly from Apto help page.

Simply click the Contact Us link on the left and fill in your questions. Once you click Submit Question button, a case will be created and sent to our support team.



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