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How to Create Buyer's Needs (Lightning)

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SummaryThe Buyer’s Needs function in Apto helps you keep track of all of your client’s requirements for purchasing a property and creates a quick prospecting report once you have a matching listing on the market.

How To Create a Need for a Contact

  1. Navigate to the contact that has the need. You can do this by using the quick-find search bar at the top, or clicking on the Contacts tab and locating their name within one of the views.
  2. Click the Related tab on the contact record and scroll down to the Buyer’s Needs section. Click New. **NOTE: If your client is looking for multiple properties, create a separate need for each property.
  3. Select either “1031 Exchange” or “Acquisition" based upon their need.

Here’s an example:

buyers needs_gif1.gif



  1. Complete the form with your contact’s requirements.
  2. Key Fields include:
    1. Active: Check this box if your client is actively pursuing a property (when matching needs, this will ensure this contact populates in the search results).
    2. Buyer Need Name: Name the requirement for future reference. (Suggested naming convention: “Property Type--Market–MonthYear”, e.g. Office--Denver–May2020)
    3. Market: Location(s) the buyer is interested in.
    4. Product Type: Type of Property(ies) the buyer is looking for.
    5. Min/Max Purchase Price: Enter this if the buyer has a price range in mind.
    6. Min/Max Square Footage: Enter this if the buyer has a specific size in mind.
  3. Click Save.

Here's an example:

 buyers needs_gif2.gif



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