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Configure Sidebar

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Enable Collapsible Sidebar

The collapsible sidebar gives users the ability to show or hide the sidebar on every page that normally includes the sidebar. When enabled, the collapsible sidebar becomes available to all users in your organization, but each user can choose his or her own preference for displaying the sidebar. Users can leave the sidebar visible at all times, or they can collapse the sidebar and only show it when needed by clicking the edge of the collapsed sidebar.


  • If your organization uses divisions, we recommend that you keep the sidebar pinned and visible at all times so you always have access to the Divisions drop-down list.

Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages

If you have custom home page layouts that include components in the sidebar, this option makes the sidebar components available on all pages for all users in your organization. If you only want certain users to view sidebar components on all pages, grant those user the "Show Custom Sidebar On All Pages" permission.


  • If the Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages user interface setting is selected, the "Show Custom Sidebar On All Pages" permission is not available.
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