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Enable Streaming API

Enables Streaming API, which allows you to receive notifications for changes to data that match a SOQL query that you define, in a secure and scalable way. This field is selected by default. If you don't see this checkbox, contact Apto support.

Enable Improved Setup User Interface

When enabled, user's personal settings are moved from the Setup menu to a separate My Settings menu, accessible from the username menu. Additionally, the Setup link is moved from the username menu to the App Menu. If you change this setting, be sure to notify all users in your organization.

Enable Advanced Setup Search (Beta)

When enabled, users can search for Setup pages, custom profiles, permission sets, public groups, roles, and users from the sidebar in Setup. When disabled, users can search for Setup pages only.


  • Advanced Setup Search is in beta; it is production quality but has known limitations.

Activate Extended Mail Merge

Enables Extended Mail Merge for your organization. When selected, the Mass Mail Merge link is available in the Tools area on the home pages for Companies and Contacts. Also, single mail merges requested from the Activity History related list on a record are performed using Extended Mail Merge functionality.

Extended Mail Merge is available by request only. Contact Apto Customer Support if you are interested in this feature.

Always save Extended Mail Merge documents to the Documents tab

When enabled, all mail merge documents generated using Extended Mail Merge are added to the user's personal documents folder on the Documents tab, rather than delivered as email attachments. Users are sent confirmation emails when their mail merge requests have completed. Those emails include links for retrieving generated documents from the Documents tab. Note that these documents count against your organization's storage limits.

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