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Manage Field-Level Security

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Field-level security settings let administrators restrict user's access to view and edit specific fields in:

  • Detail and edit pages
  • Related lists
  • List views
  • Reports
  • Connect Offline
  • Email and mail merge templates
  • Custom links
  • The partner portal
  • The Salesforce Customer Portal
  • Synchronized data
  • Imported data

The fields that users see on detail and edit pages are a combination of page layouts and field-level security settings. The most restrictive field access settings of the two always apply. For example, if a field is required in the page layout and read-only in the field-level security settings, the field-level security overrides the page layout and the field will be read-only for the user.


  • Field-level security doesn't prevent searching on the values in a field. When search terms match on field values protected by field-level security, the associated records are returned in the search results without the protected fields and their values.

You can define field-level security in any of the following ways:

For multiple fields on a single permission set or profile

  1. From Setup, click Manage Users, then click Permission Sets or Profiles.
  2. Select a permission set or profile.
  3. Depending on which interface you're using, do one of the following:
    1. Permission sets or enhanced profile user interface-In the Find Settings... box, enter the name of the object you want and select it from the list. Click Edit, then scroll to the Field Permissions section.
    2. Original profile user interface-In the Field-Level Security section, click View next to the object you want to modify, and then click Edit.
  4. Specify the field's access level.
  5. Click Save.

For a single field on all profiles

  1. From Setup, click Customize, click a tab or activity link, and click Fields.
  2. Select the field you want to modify.
  3. Click Set Field-Level Security.
  4. Specify the field's access level.
  5. Click Save.

After setting field-level security for users, you can:

  • Create page layouts to organize the fields on detail and edit pages.


  • Use field-level security as the means to restrict user's access to fields; then use page layouts primarily to organize detail and edit pages within tabs. This reduces the number of page layouts for you to maintain.
  • Verify user's access to fields by checking the field accessibility.
  • Customize search layouts to set the fields that display in search results, in lookup dialog search results, and in the key lists on tab home pages.


  • Roll-up summary and formula fields are always read-only on detail pages and not available on edit pages. They may also be visible to users even though the reference fields that your users cannot see. Universally required fields always display on edit pages regardless of field-level security.

The relationship group wizard allows you to create and edit relationship groups regardless of field-level security.



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