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To change your organization's search settings navigate to the Setup menu and click on Customize and then Search and finally Search Settings.

Enable Drop-Down List for Sidebar Search

The drop-down list for sidebar search allows you to limit user's searches by object. When you select Enable Drop-Down List for Sidebar Search, a drop-down list appears in the Search section. From this list users can select to search within tags, within a specific object, or across all objects.

Enable "Limit to Items I Own" Search Checkbox

The Limit to Items I Own checkbox allows your users to include only records for which they are the record owner when entering search queries in the sidebar.


  • The Limit to Items I Own checkbox that appears in advanced search is always available to users, regardless of this setting

Enable Document Content Search

Enabling Document Content Search allows you to perform a full-text document search. When a new document is uploaded or an old one is replaced, its contents are available as search terms to retrieve the document.

Use Recently Viewed User Records for Blank and Auto-Complete Lookups

If this setting is enabled, the list of records returned from a user auto-complete lookup and from a blank user lookup is taken from the user's recently viewed user records. This setting applies only to user object lookups and not to lookups for other objects.

If this setting is not enabled, the dialog shows a list of recently accessed user records from across your organization.

Enable Sidebar Search Auto-Complete

If this setting is enabled, when users start typing search terms, sidebar search displays a matching list of recently viewed records.


  • Global search includes auto-complete and doesn't require a search setting.

Enable Single-Search-Result Shortcut

If this setting is enabled, users skip the search results page and go directly to the record's detail page when their search returns only a single item.

This setting doesn't apply to tags, case comments (in advanced search), and global search. If the search result is a single tag, case comment, or item in global search, the search results page still appears.

Number of Search Results Displayed Per Object

The Number of Search Results Displayed Per Object area allows you to configure the number of items that are returned for each object in the Search Results page. The current setting is in parentheses next to each object. To make changes, select one or more objects, enter the new number of results per page, and click Save. The new value must be between 5 and 50.

Lookup Settings

The Lookup Settings area allows you to enable enhanced lookups and lookup auto-completion for Company, Contact, User, and any custom object lookups.

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