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Adding Additional Users

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Creating A New User

Navigate to Manage Users and select Users. From this page you will click the New button near the top. Here you will be able to enter a new user's information. As you fill out the new user's first and last name the alias will auto populate but it can be changed if it does not populate the way you'd like. Enter the email, and the username will populate with the email by hitting tab; this can also be changed if you'd like. On the right hand side you will select Salesforce Platform as the User License and then select the appropriate Profile. In this case I'm using Broker.

Scroll down the page and enter the user's address and time zone information and click Save. From here an email will be sent to the new user with a link that they will click to activate their account. The link will provide instructions on creating a password.

Changing the Email Your Users Receive at Activation

To change the email that new users receive you will navigate to the Administer section on the set up toolbar and select Email Templates under Communication Templates. Click Edit next to SUPPORT: Self-Service New User Login Information (SAMPLE). This will take you to a screen where you can edit the body of the email template that is sent out to your users upon activation. Click Save when you are done making changes.

Granting New Users Access to the Apto Package

Once a new user is created that will need to be added to the Apto package so they can access the Apto features. To do this, navigate to Installed Packages under the develop section on the setup page. Click Manage Licenses next to Commercial Real Estate Broker.

Then click Add Users, and you will be taken to a screen where you can add users that are not already given access to the Apto package.

Adding a Logo to the Homepage Sidebar

To add a company logo to a user's homepage you will want to go to the Home Page Components section on the setup page. You'll navigate to this section by going to Build and clicking Home under Customize. Here you will see that a Logo has already been added to the user since that user is already part of the organization.

Click on the logo link to confirm the logo is the correct logo for that user. If it is not the correct logo, you will need to add the correct logo image to the documents section of Apto. Once the correct image is loaded to Apto, you'll come back to the Home Page Components, click on Logo and then click edit.

From the edit screen you will remove the old image and click the Insert Image button. A window will popup with all of the available documents within Apto that can be inserted as a logo. Select the image and click Save.

Next you will navigate to Home Page Layouts, just below Home page Components. Here you will click on the Home Page Layout you are assigning to the user (in most cases this will be the Dashboard Home Page Default layout). Here you will confirm that the Logo is located at the top of the Narrow(Left) Column. If it is not already there you will click the Edit button and confirm that the box next to Logo is checked and click Next. From there you can adjust the columns that the Home Page items are in, using the navigation buttons. Click Save.

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