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Finding Apto's version

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Knowing what version of Apto you are on is useful in making sure that you have all of the latest functionality available, and can also assist the Apto team in troubleshooting any issues or questions you may have. To find out which version is installed in your org follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Apto and click Setup in the right corner

  2. Go to Build | Installed Packages

  3. From the Installed Package page you can now view the Version Number for installed packages. Find the package named Commercial Real Estate Broker and its associated Version Number Field.


  Table of the Version Numbers and the Release Name

Version NumberRelease Name
Anything Lower than 1.104Legacy. Game of Thrones era
1.104Spring 2012
2.13Winter 2012
2.146Spring 2013
2.147Fall 2013
2.15XWinter 2013 (Latest is 2.158)
2.170 or 2.169Spring 2014
3.2XXSummer 2014 (Latest is 3.296)
3.3XXWinter 2014 (Latest is 3.312)



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