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Enabling Apto Integrations

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SummarySeeing errors rendering something called AptoIntegration? Use these steps to enable the service and get rid of the errors.

Enabling Apto Integrations

Seeing these types of errors?

You need to enable Apto Integrations.  There is work under the Manage Connected App settings as well as updating profile settings.

Connected App Settings:

  1. From Setup > quick find for Manage Connected Apps.

  1. Click Edit next to AptoIntegration.

  1. In the Permitted Users field, make sure the setting is Admin approved users are pre-authorized.

  1. Click .


Profile Edits

  1. Setup > Users > Profile

  2. Apps > Assigned Connected Apps

  1. From the left-hand selection box, select AptoIntegration and then Add.

  1. Click

  2. Repeat for every profile within the org.





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