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Schedule a report to run daily, weekly, or monthly. The report can be emailed automatically in HTML format to users in your organization.

  1. On the Reports tab, click an existing report name.
  2. Click Schedule Future Runs... from the Run Report drop-down.
    • If you're creating a new report, you are asked to save the report with a name and in a folder before scheduling.
  3. On the Schedule Report page, specify a Running User who has access to the folder where the report is stored. The access level of the running user determines what other users, including portal users, see when they receive the scheduled report run results. You need the "View All Data" permission to specify a running user other than yourself.
  4. Select an email setting:



    To me

    Send the report to your email address specified on your user profile.

    To me and/or others

    Email the report to additional users.

    • You can send reports only to email addresses included on Salesforce user records. When portal users receive emailed reports, they see the same data as the running user set in the report schedule. If you have information you'd rather not share, schedule the report to run with a portal user as the running user.
  5. Set the frequency, duration, and time for running the report:
    • In the Frequency field, select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and then refine the frequency criteria.
    • Using the Start and End fields, specify the dates during which you want to schedule the report. To enter the current date, click the link showing the date.
    • Next to Preferred Start Time, click Find available options... to choose a start time.
    • Your preferred start time might not be available if other users have already selected that time to schedule a report.
  6. Click Save Report Schedule.

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