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Email Integration - Salesforce for Outlook Overview (Lightning)

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SummaryWith Salesforce for Outlook, Apto users can manage deals more efficiently. You can relate and automatically sync emails, tasks and events to Apto records.

This article will help familiarize you with the functionality of the Salesforce for Outlook integration with Apto. It will provide an overview on each integration’s basic setup procedures, capabilities, and some user selected configurations. You can always reach out to Apto directly to order Outlook Integration Support.


Here’s how to setup & use the email integration:

1. Review your Outlook Configuration for your Apto Organization

To get started with the Salesforce for Outlook integration, first access your Outlook Configurations. Click the gear icon, then Setup in the top right corner of your page.



Within Setup, search for and click on Outlook Configurations in the quick search bar.



Click on Default Outlook Config to review your default settings. You can also set up different Outlook Configurations for different users within your Apto Organization.



Within the Default Outlook Config, you’ll be able to review all of the settings. By default you can see how this configuration manages various details between Outlook and Apto.

  • Email Settings shows you which capabilities will be enabled on your Outlook.
  • Sync Settings shows you the record sync and behavior of each Contact, Event, or Task record.
  • Data Sets allows you to filter which records will sync between Outlook and Apto.
  • Assigned Users shows you which users within your Apto Organization have this Outlook configuration enabled.
Example of Outlook Configuration Record Page:


2. Set up your Outlook Configuration for your Apto Organization

Once you have reviewed your default Outlook configuration, make any adjustments you feel are necessary. Some common modifications may include:

  • Allowing Contacts to Sync in both directions between Outlook and Apto
    • This is not recommended for multi-user teams, as each team member may have contacts stored slightly differently within their individual Outlook accounts and could cause duplications of many contacts within your Apto database.
  • Adding additional Data Sets to Contacts to further limit which contacts will sync between Outlook and Apto.


You will need to assign the Users within your Apto organization you want to utilize this integration configuration. You can do this by clicking on ‘Edit’ and selecting the Users you would like to assign.




3. Download and install the Salesforce for Outlook desktop application

Each user assigned to a configuration will need to download and install the Salesforce for Outlook desktop application. They can each access this from their User Settings.

  1. Click your personal icon, then Settings at the top right corner of the page.
  2. Search for and click on Desktop Add-Ons-->Salesforce for Outlook.



Once here, Users can verify that their system meets minimum requirements, watch a helpful Salesforce for Outlook video, review the configuration you assigned to them in the previous step, and finally download the application. See the screenshot below.


Users will need to Download, Install, and Run the Salesforce for Outlook desktop application. The first time this application is run, it will allow the user to finalize settings made available to them in previous steps. The screenshots below show SFO Application Setup and Settings.


4. Review and test your SFO configuration

Review and test the proper sync setup with your Users.

  1. Create a meeting/contact/task in Outlook or Salesforce, depending on which sync direction you chose in your configuration.
    • Note: If the user selected to “Sync Only the Outlook Items I Select”, then the record will need to be categorized as “Sync with Salesforce” in Outlook.


  1. You can expedite the sync by clicking on the SFO App Icon at the bottom right of the user’s desktop > Sync > Sync Now. See screenshot below.


  1. Manually link emails by clicking the email icon.
  2. Depending on the Outlook email client, users may also be able to create new contacts directly from Outlook by clicking on the + icon.

The image below shows how users can (1) select an email; (2) view contact information and link the email by selecting the email icon, which turns green; (3) select up to five related contacts and one other record by selecting the email icon next to the corresponding record; and (4) create a new record from Outlook - depending on browser and Outlook versions.




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