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Edit Commissions

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The commission record is created when a proposal is created but can be edited at any stage in the deal pipeline (Proposals -> Listings -> Projects -> Comps). To edit the commission record, simply click on the Edit Commissions button on proposal or listings or project or comp detailed view page. From the edit commissions page you can

  1. Remove/add internal agents to the commission split

  2. Change the commission allocated to different agents based on either % or $

    1. When the % is selected, the commission is stored as a % of the total deal value (lease total for leases and sale price for sale comps). The commission is auto calculated when the deal value changes.
    2. when the $ is selected, the commission is stored as an amount and does not retain any relation with the deal value or commission %. The commission amount is not adjusted when the total deal value changes.
  3. Add/Remove external agents to the commission split

  4. Select the role of each agent for reporting purposes

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