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Duplicate management in Apto

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Salesforce released the Duplicate Alert feature in Spring 15 release that will allow Apto users to create rules to avoid entering duplicate data.

Duplicate Elimination

There are two sets of rules that need to be setup to avoid users from creating multiple instances of the same Properties, Contacts , Companies or any other Apto object.

Matching Rule

Specify the criteria under which a given record will be considered a matching record. Let's create a matching rule for Property. I am going to use a set of fields to determine if two records are identical. 

  1. Property Name

  2. Street Address

  3. City

  4. State

  5. Country

  6. Property Type

Note that you can use any fields in the Property object to create this rule.

Create and Activate a Matching Rule

  1. Got to Setup | Duplicate Management | Matching Rules and click New Rule

  2. Pick the object in consideration from the picklist. In this case, let's pick Property

  3. Provide the following information

    1. Rule name 

    2. Enter the list of fields that you want to match with the records. (Make sure to check "Match Blank Fields" so that the rule works even when one of these listed fields is blank on both records)

    3. Click the Add Row link to add more rows to the matching criteria and enter all the filters to the filter logic.

  4. Click Save

  5. Click Activate

Create and Activate a Duplicate Rule

Let's create a duplicate rule which provides the following information

  • When to run the duplicate rule?

  • What happens when a duplicate record is identified?

  1. Got to Setup | Duplicate Management | Duplicate Rules and click New Rule

  2. Pick the object from the drop down list.

  3. Provide the following information

    1. Rule Name

    2. Select an action on create

      1. Allow the user to create the duplicate record but show an alert

      2. Block the user from creating a duplicate record

    3. Provide the Alert Text

    4. Select the comparing object and the matching rule

  4. Click Save when done.

  5. Click Activate to activate the duplicate rule.

Testing the example

After I activated both rules, I tried to create a duplicate property and Apto threw an alert that there is a an existing record with same values.



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