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Creating an Agent and Manager Commission Plan

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Agent and manager commission plan has additional fields to enter the manager’s commission split on the agent’s deal. Manager earns a net commission on every deal that is closed by his reporting agent.

Example: Agent - 70% of the deal, Manager - 10% of the deal and House - 20% of the deal

  1. Click on the Commission Plans tab and click New.

    New Plan.jpg
  1. Select Agent and Manager Commissions Record Type and click Continue.

  2. Enter a name for the commission plan

    Commision Plan Name.jpg
  1. Select Agent and Manager Commission

  1. Choose when the net commission should be calculated

    1. Booked – Calculate Splits when a deal is booked and corresponding invoice is created

    2. Received – Calculate Splits when payment is received and allocated to agent’s gross commission

  1. Select the record types for which this commission plan applies to.

    1. In order to create two different plans for sale and lease, create a plan for record types Sale and create another plan with record type Lease.

    2. If you have one commission plan that applies for all deals, simply select All Comps

  1. Click on Add Split link to add a split.

  1. Enter split details

    1. Gross Commission From ( Recommend to leave it as 0 for the first split level)

    2. Gross Commission To ( Recommend to leave it as blank for the last split level)

    3. Agent Split

  1. Click Add Member link to add a members to the plan

    Add Member.jpg
  2. Enter Member information

    1. Agent

    2. Previous Gross Commissions - used in calculating the net commissions

    3. Date for Previous Gross Commissions

    4. Plan Start

    5. Plan End - leave it blank if the plan applies forever


Note: If a new agent starts in the middle of the year, you can add the agent to a new plan with a start date and end date and add them to another plan in the beginning of the next year.


Click Save to save the new Record

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