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Creating a new custom Record Type

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Follow these instructions to create a new record type.

  1. Click Setup in the top right corner

  2. Use the navigation bar on the left to go to Create | Object | Listings

  3. Click on Record Types to go to the section

  4. Click New

  5. Lets create a new type of buyer representation Record Type.

    1. If you want the same picklist values as an existing record type for the newly created record type, select the existing record type from the drop down list. In this case, I selected Master as I do not want to copy the values from any other record types.

    2. Enter a label that will be used to identify this record type. This is label is used in the settings, new listing and listing detail page.

    3. Record type is name is how the Apto identifies this record type. It is automatically filled in.

    4. Provide a clear description on when this record type should be used.

    5. Check the Active check box to make this record type available immediately after saving.

    6. Enable this record type for the desired profiles. If you are unsure, follow the selections in the image above.

    7. Click Next

  1. Select a layout from the list of existing layouts and click Save. You can create a new layout and assign it to the record type later.

  2. The system takes you to the Record Type page where you can select the applicable picklist values for all the picklists in the listing object.

  3. Click Edit before each picklist name to select the values. Repeat the process for all the picklist fields to make sure they have the necessary values.

  4. Now you are done setting up a new record type. Next step is to set up the mappings between Record Types of Pitches, Listings and Project/Comp.

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