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Creating a Logo Document for Invoice Templates

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Before creating a new template, follow the steps below to upload your office logo to Apto

  1. Get the logo ready to upload. The recommended size for a logo is 400X100 pixels.

  2. Click the plus sign at the end of the tabs and select “Documents”

  1. Hit “Go” to see the contents of the folder “Company Logos”

  1. Click “New Document” button

  1. Provide a name for the document name and click on the “Choose File” button

  1. Select the office logo file stored in your computer and click Save

  2. Once you save the logo, Apto will take you to the document properties view. Click on “Edit Properties” button

  1. Select the check box “Externally Available Image” to make this image available for the invoice pdfs that are sent as attachments in the email. Click save when you are done.

  1. Apto will take you back to the property page and this time, the logo will be visible. Copy the document id portion from the URL as shown in the image

  1. Now we are ready to create an Invoice Template.

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