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Creating Activities

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In Apto, activities include calendar events and tasks. You can track activities for Companies, Contacts, Listings, Properties, and other objects using tasks and events from within a record. Also, you can use the home page to create activities that are not related to other records.


Tasks are to-do’s or reminders that can contain a specific due date, but do not contain a start or end date/time. Examples include logged calls, and reminders.

Calendar Events

Calendar Events are scheduled with a start and end date and time, and often contain a location.

Creating Activities

  1. To create an Open Task or Event
    1. If on the Home Screen
      1. To create a new event
        1. Click New Event in the Calendar section of the Home Page
      2. To create a new task
        1. Click the New button within the My Tasks section of the Home Page
    2. If on a record
      1. Locate the Open Activities related list
        1. To create a New Open Task click New Task
        2. To create a New Calendar Event click New Event
  1. To create an Activity History
    1. From within a record, locate the Activity History related list
      1. To log a note or a call click Log a Call
      2. To send an email click Send an Email

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