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Editing Users

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  1. From Setup, click Manage Users | Users. You can also edit your organization's users from the Users in Role related list in the role detail page.
  2. Click Edit next to a user's name.
  3. Change the settings as needed. Be aware of the following behaviors and options when editing a user.
    1. If you change a user's email address and Generate new password and notify user immediately is deselected, a confirmation message will be sent to the new email address that you entered. The user must click the link provided in that message for the new email address to take effect. This process ensures system security. When generating a new password for a user, the new password is automatically sent to the user's email address and email verification is not enforced.
    2. The username must be unique across all Apto and Salesforce organizations. It must use the format of an email address, but doesn't need to be a real email address. Users can have the same email address across organizations-only the username must be unique.
    3. If you change a user's username, a confirmation email with a login link is sent to the email address associated with that user account. If the user has problems logging into future sessions, they can use the link in the email. Problems might occur because an organization could have multiple login servers. It may take up to 24 hours for the username change to replicate to all of them. The link in the email connects directly to the server where the actual username change was made. This ensures that users can always log in, even if server replication is slow.
    4. Click Unlock to unlock a user that is locked out of Apto. This button is only available when a user is locked out.
    5. If your organization has managed packages installed, click Assign Licenses to assign a package license to the user.
    6. Click Remove to remove a license assigned to the user.
    7. Click Grant Checkout Access to grant the user access to Checkout.
  4. Click Save.


Users can change or add to their own personal information after they log in.When the organization-wide default for the user object is set to Private, users can't view or edit another user's information unless they have Read or Write access to the target user.
Administrators can restrict the domain names of user's email addresses to a list of explicitly allowed domains. Any attempts to set an email address with another domain will result in an error message. Contact Apto to enable this functionality for your organization.
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