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Adding a Single User

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User Management Overview

In Apto, every user is identified by a username, password, and a single profile. The profile determines what tasks users can perform, what data they see, and what they can do with the data

As an administrator, you can perform user management tasks such as creating and editing users, resetting passwords, and creating Google Apps accounts. You can also grant permissions, create and manage other types of users, create custom fields, set custom links, run reports on users, and delegate user administration tasks to other users.

Adding a Single User

To create a new user for your organization:

  1. From Setup, click Manage Users | Users.
  2. Click New User.
  3. Enter the user's first and last name.
  4. Enter the user's email address and username. By default, the username is the same as the email address.
  5. Role. Depending on your organization's sharing settings, roles can specify the level of visibility that users have into your organization's data.
  6. Select a User License. The profiles available to you depend on the user license you choose.
  7. Select a profile, which specifies the user's minimum permissions and access settings.
  8. Select the other options and enter the remaining user information as needed.
  9. If your organization has Approvals enabled, you can set the user's approver settings, such as delegated approver, manager, and preference for receiving approval request emails.
  10. Check Generate new password and notify user immediately to have the user's login name and a temporary password emailed to the new user. Temporary passwords for new users expire in six months, and users must change their password the first time they login. The login link in the email can only be used once. A user who follows the link without setting a password must have an administrator reset their password before they can log in.


The username must be unique across all Apto and Salesforce organizations. It must use the format of an email address, but doesn't need to be a real email address. Users can have the same email address across organizations-only the username must be unique.
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