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Adding Multiple Users

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The maximum number of users you can create is determined by your subscription with Apto. The Add Multiple Users page provides a way to quickly add users to your organization. Depending on the number of available licenses, you can create up to 10 users. With this page, you specify the minimum information needed. Once you've created the users, edit individual users to specify more details for each one.

To add multiple users:

  1. From Setup, click Manage Users | Users.
  2. Click Add Multiple Users.
  3. If multiple user license types are available in your organization, select the user license you want to associate with the users you'll create. The user license determines the available profiles. If only one type of license is available, it's automatically selected.
  4. Specify the information for each user.

    First Name

    The User's first name.

    Last Name

    The User's last name

    Email (Username)

    The User's email address. The email address entered will automatically populate the username.


    Specifies the user's minimum permissions and access settings


    If roles are set up for your organization, specifies the level of visibility that the user has into your organization's data.


    For administrators the license type should be "Salesforce" for all others it should be "Salesforce Platform."

  5. Select Generate passwords and notify user via email to email a login name and temporary password to each new user. Temporary passwords for new users expire in six months, and users must change their password the first time they login. The login link in the email can only be used once. A user who follows the link without setting a password must have an administrator reset their password before they can log in.
  6. Click Save.
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