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Create a New Field (Lightning)

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SummaryCreating a new field allows further customization of Apto so that it can best support your daily workflow and capture additional data for reporting.

❗NOTE: only a System Administrator has the level of access required to modify page layouts

Things To Know Before Getting Started

There are many field types that can be created. Here are the most commonly used types we see our clients using;

  • Text: Allows combination of letters and numbers. Can set character limit.
  • Picklist: Allows users to choose from a predefined list of options.
  • Date: Users can enter a date or open a calendar window to choose.


Access Fields & Relationships

  1. Click the gear symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen > click Setup

  1. In the Quick Find box > type ‘object’ > click Object Manager


  1. Click on the object name (in this case we are using Contact) > click on Fields & Relationships


❗NOTE: Before adding a new field, look through the existing fields (all fields may not displayed on the page layout) to check if there is a field that can be used.

Adding a New Field

  1. At Fields & Relationships > click New

new field.gif

  1. Review the field data types and descriptions > choose Data Type > click Next

field data type.gif

  1. Type in a unique Field Label > fill out remaining fields > click Next

field label.gif

  1. Choose which user profiles can access the new field (by default this is set to all) > click Next

field profile.gif

  1. Choose which page layouts the new field will be displayed on (by default this is set to all) > click Save
field layout.gif

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