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Table of Contents

Intro into Contacts

Contact are your organization’s customers, competitors, and partners. Each contact stores information such as name, address, and phone numbers. For each contact, you can store related information such as properties owned, spaces leased, listings, activities, and notes.

The contact tab displays a homepage that lets you quickly create and locate all types of contacts, and also sort and filter your contacts using standard and custom list views. In addition, this tab lets you view and edit detailed information on each contact to which you have access.

You can also enhance your traditional contact data with your customers’ social information. With the Social Companies and Contacts feature, you can see your contacts social network profiles and other social data—directly in Salesforce. Easy access to this information helps you know your customers better, so you can solve their problems and build stronger relationships.

The Contacts Home Page

  1. Clicking on the Contacts tab displays the Contacts home page
  2. A new Contact record can be created by clicking the New button
  3. Using views allows users to sort, search and find different types of contacts
  4. Recently viewed Contacts will automatically be displayed on the Contact Homescreen
  5. A list of helpful reports can be quickly accessed from the Contact Home page
  6. A list of helpful tools can be quickly accessed from the Contact Home page

Creating a New Contact

To create a new Contact:
  1. Either
    1. If on a record that has a lookup field to the Contact,
      1. Click the magnifying glass that displays next to the field when editing the record.
      2. Click the New button in the Lookup pop-up window
      3. Input the Company information and click Save
    2. If on the Contact home page click the New button.
      1. Select the appropriate Record Type
        1. Attorney - Is this person a real estate lawyer?
        2. Broker - Does this person primarily broker real estate?
        3. Lender - Does this institution or individual loan a borrower money?
        4. Manager - Does this individual operate commercial real estate?
        5. Other - Is this person an assistant, media contact, etc.?
        6. Principal - Has this person owned real estate? Does this person currently own real estate? Would this person like to own real estate?
        7. Tenant - Does this person occupy land or property rented from a landlord?
        8. Title Company - Is this person involved in examining and insuring title?
        9. Vendor - Is this person a vendor?


  • The fields that display in the pop-up window are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Validation rules are not recognized when creating through the lookup window.
  • If record types are being used, the default record type is automatically selected
  1. Fill in the Appropriate Fields
    1. Some key fields for a Company Include:
      1. Name
        1. First Name - The contacts first name
        2. Last Name - The contacts last name
        3. Salutation - The contacts Salutation.
      2. Company Name - The name of the company the contact works for.
        1. Company Name is a lookup field it will attempt to find an existing company. If the company doesn’t already exist it can be created from within the lookoup window by selecting the New button.
      3. Phone - Primary phone number for the contact
      4. Mobile Phone - Mobile phone number for the contact
      5. Email - Primary email address for the contact
      6. Group - A multi-select picklist field which allows users to select from multiple group values to assign to the contact
      7. Mailing Address - A combined field for company street, city, state/province, zip/postal code and country. This should be used as the mailing address for the company.
  2. Make sure to click Save

On any given Contact there will be certain types of information that are going to be important to track. The following is a list of some of the key Related Lists on the Contact Object.

  • Activity Histories - Allows users to track calls, meetings and other tasks and events that relate to the contact
  • Open Activities - Allows users to track tasks and events that have not been completed in relation to the contact
  • Comps (Tenant) - Comps where the contact is in the “Tenant Contact” field on the comp. It is a list of comps where this contact is the tenant.
  • Comps (Landlord) - Comps where the Contact is in the “Landlord” field on the comp. It is a list of comps where this Contact is the landlord.
  • Comps (Buyer) - Comps where the Contact is in the “Buyer” field on the comp. It is a list of comps where this Contact is the Buyer.
  • Comps (Seller) - Comps where the Contact is in the “Seller” field on the comp. It is a list of comps where this Contact is the Seller.
  • Ownership - Ownership records where a contact is referenced in the ownership record
  • Proposals - Proposals where the Contact is in the “Client” field
  • Listings - Listings where the Contact is in the “Client” field

Social Contacts



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