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The Contact Relationships page in Apto allows someone to quickly see all of their coworkers relationships at a given company within the Apto org. The page analyzes the contacts, activities and pipeline activity related to that company and summarizes the information in one simple graph. 

Additionally, many organizations choose to go with a public Company model and a private Contact model. While this respects users’ privacy it can also introduce roadblocks into working with a particular company. The Contact Relationships page helps these organizations understand relationships by analyzing data that the user may not even have permission to see, and providing a simple summary that does not reveal any private details. 


Accessing Relationships

Navigate to a company record in Apto to see the View Contact Relationships button on the contacts related list. Click the button to launch the contact relationships page that displays all the agents/users that have any level of connections with any contacts related to the selected company.

Using relationships

The contact relationships page by default comes with six columns

  1. Agent – The Apto user that has a relationship with the company.
  2. Role – The Agent's role in the organization. This is set by the system administrator.
  3. Relationship Level – This graph indicates the highest interaction between the broker and contacts within the selected company. See the chart below to see how relationships are categorized.
  4. Number of contacts – Number of contacts that the broker has relationships with (regardless of relationship level with the given contact).
  5. Last Activity Date – The most recent date that a contact was created, activity was logged, or pipeline record was created or updated.
  6. Connect – The connect button lets the user send a private message to the Agent listed

Understanding relationship levels



Relationship between user and contact


User is Owner of the contact record. Typically this is the person that created the record, unless the record has been reassigned by the person importing or creating the data.


User has created or been assigned any tasks related to the contact.


User has created or been assigned any events related to the contact.

Note: currently, invitees to the meeting in addition to the activity owner are not included.


User is part of a commission on a proposal, pitch, listing or project where one or more contacts are in one of the Apto contact fields such as Buyer, Seller, Landlord and Tenant.

Contact fields processed: Buyer, Buyer's Attorney, Buyer's Loan Contact, Landlord, Lessee, Seller, Seller's Attorney, Tenant, Title Company Attorney


User is part of a commission that is on a comp where one or more contacts are in one of the Apto contact fields such as Buyer, Seller, Landlord or Tenant.


Connecting with another agent

The broker can either directly call the user to get more information about the contact or send a message by clicking the connect button

The broker receiving the message will see the message in their chatter feed.



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